The Print Rescuer

My mother installed a strong love of reading in me and I’ve been absorbing books for as long as I can remember. My big brother and I realised we didn’t HAVE to hate each other when we bonded over our mutual literary love. We used to shut ourselves away and he would read Roald Dahl to me, and James And The Giant Peach was never as magical as when he read it!!

Because books ARE magic. They whisk you away to another world filled with amazing possibilities and new friends. You’re never alone with a good book. When I was a child my shelves were filled with timeless classics that I can still read now and be transported, and I can’t wait for my own children to experience the same joy.

I’ve discovered an amazing company called The Print Rescuer. They take old illustrated books that have been damaged beyond repair, and salvage and mount the prints, making a gorgeous homage to their former glory. I spent a good hour pawing through their wares, agonising between beautiful images from The Wind In The Willows, Alice Through The Looking Glass and In Wonderland, and The Tales From Brambly Hedge. But in the end I plumped for these two beautiful prints from Winnie The Pooh.

20131112-060455 PM.jpg

Winnie the Pooh contains more fond memories of my brother for me. I just can’t refer to the characters as anything other than Chrisa-A-Ubin, and Wisa-Owl!

I think they look beautiful the nursery!