Mirror Mirror On The Wall

I love love love love love antiqued mirrors! Those knackered old looking glasses with the staining and holes in the reflective surface have this other worldly quality that I just can’t get enough of (maybe it because it gives a soft glow to my reflection and evens out all the flaws I don’t want to see!).

For years I have dreamt of a antiqued glass backsplash in my kitchen. I saw some mirror-esque tiles forever ago, fell in love, and needed them in my house. I wanted a reflective surface behind my cooker so I could keep an eye on what the family/cats/guests were up to behind my back when I was slaving away, and when we renovated I absolutely had to make it happen.

However, when I was finally able to go back to the shop I saw the tiles in, they had been DISCONTINUED!!! I was so disappointed. I resolved to find them online but the lovely ladies I spoke to told me that they couldn’t recommended them for behind cookers because the backing that gives the mirror element, doesn’t handle the heat very well and then just peels right off the wall. I would have been so so upset if that had happened!

So I when on a hunt to find an alternative and all I could find was super expensive panels of glass. We’re talking £500sqm! Really?! I would have needed about 2sqm so that just couldn’t happen. And then, I wold have to install it. I am extremely clumsy! There was no way I could guarantee it was going on the wall without smashing or falling off.

Looking for other tiles within budget that gave me the feels were a total non starter, I had my heart set and it wasn’t changing for anyone or anyone’s budget. So I got creative!

First I bought a cheap mirror and attacked the backing to see if I could rough it up enough to give the look. I used acids, paint remover, scraped with chisels etc (Note: not all at once – bad, bad idea. Don’t do that folks!). Unfortunately it just looked like I’d gone at it with the business end of a fork!  Not the gorgeous finish I wanted.

But then………TA DA!!!!!! I figured it out! I made exactly what I wanted! And here it is in all its gorgeous glory.


I love it so much. It makes such a statement, and means I can look at the rest of my lovely kitchen when my back is to it. But mainly I can make sure that Madam is eating her dinner!

I’m going to write you guys out a How To on this because it is ridiculously easy, so effective, and who wants to spend £500sqm when this whole thing cost me under £120!
Watch this space……

The Print Rescuer

My mother installed a strong love of reading in me and I’ve been absorbing books for as long as I can remember. My big brother and I realised we didn’t HAVE to hate each other when we bonded over our mutual literary love. We used to shut ourselves away and he would read Roald Dahl to me, and James And The Giant Peach was never as magical as when he read it!!

Because books ARE magic. They whisk you away to another world filled with amazing possibilities and new friends. You’re never alone with a good book. When I was a child my shelves were filled with timeless classics that I can still read now and be transported, and I can’t wait for my own children to experience the same joy.

I’ve discovered an amazing company called The Print Rescuer. They take old illustrated books that have been damaged beyond repair, and salvage and mount the prints, making a gorgeous homage to their former glory. I spent a good hour pawing through their wares, agonising between beautiful images from The Wind In The Willows, Alice Through The Looking Glass and In Wonderland, and The Tales From Brambly Hedge. But in the end I plumped for these two beautiful prints from Winnie The Pooh.

20131112-060455 PM.jpg

Winnie the Pooh contains more fond memories of my brother for me. I just can’t refer to the characters as anything other than Chrisa-A-Ubin, and Wisa-Owl!

I think they look beautiful the nursery!