A Question Of Art

So I know absolutely nothing about art. Despite two pretty arty parents, I can barely draw a stickman, and my signature doodle (the one I draw in the condensation of hotel bathroom mirrors – you know you have one too!)  is a very rudimentary, childlike drawing of a cat. 

However, to hark to an old adage, I know what I like. And by like I mean love.  I love love love work by Remi  LaBarre and Anna Razumovskaya. And it is my absolute goal to own some. I’ve marked out the perfect places and very recently agonised about what I could sell, body parts or otherwise, in order to buy a Limited Edition print of the very beautiful Auburn Melody. But, being on Maternity Leave and in the middle of ill timed renovations, we will have to put these dream purchases on hold for now. 

However, a few years ago, on our honeymoon, we fell in love with a couple of pieces for sale by the street vendors in the Piazza Navona.  You get a lot of repetition of pieces and subjects across a lot of the sellers, but we stumbled on a very lovely Scottish lady (who thought I was having an affair having clocked my wedding ring and the lack of one on my husband – he’d lost it 3 days into our trip – and skirted gently around the subject until she’d got to the bottom of the potential gossip!) who was selling these gems. 

 I wish I knew how to get hold of her, because I would love to see what she has now.

I can’t remember what we paid but it was around £150 for the pair. They needed framing of course, and when you add on the cost of the trip, we probably could have stuck with buying a Remi! But they are beautiful, have wonderful memories attached and I would never part with them. And doesn’t that make them priceless? 


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