An Office(r) & A Gentleman

I’m very fortunate to have a husband that works from home. Those of you in similar shoes will know how lovely this is because he’s always around. If I miss him during the day (and I do – a lot) , I only have to meander by with a cup of tea and a chat about how our respective days are going. 

However, working from home comes with its own pitfalls. The flexibility that it allows for him to work to his own schedule, also means he can get distracted easily and sucked in to doing “house” jobs, when he should be doing “work” jobs (or rather I ask him to do things for me at inopportune times).  Conversely, he’s never not at work. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of working late and during the weekends because he never leaves the office and has the commute to switch into home mode. 

We decided that the obvious thing to do was to build him an office in our garden. It meant that he had a private space to get his work head on but can still leave it at the end of the day and come home for relaxation. It also means that he’s not listening to a steady patter of my aimless jib all day! 

We found Lyme Bay Cabins on Twitter. It was just a chance spot of a retweet (Social Media at its best people!) which led us to the perfect office space. We worked out the size of the garden space we’d give it, how we wanted the room to work (we have a section at the end given over to the shed), placed the order and started digging. ….and then we bought a new house!!! Not the most thought out plan we’ve ever had. 

They could have just sent us the kit and let us deal with the mess of our own making. But Gary at Lyme Bay Cabins was an absolute sweetheart! He didn’t have to, but offered to hold the cabin for us for as long as they could. Which turned out to be just enough time for us to get the purchase through! So thank you Gary, you’re a bit of star in our house. 

So it arrived in our new garden, and Poppa S dusted off his overalls and came over to build it for us (Lyme Bay Cabins do install if needed). A couple of licks of Farrow & Ball in Mole’s Breath and it’s looking gorgeous. Mr B absolutely loves it, and is keen to get to work in the mornings. 

We’ve got a huge project on our hands with the new house and it’ll be a while before we can get a lot of things done. Looking out our windows to what is essentially our first complete room gives us the inspiration we need to keep going, not to mention a retreat when it all gets a bit much! 

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