A Busy Board For A Busy Bear

There is a very good reason that people who are parents have toys strewn all over their house.  If you know a parent who said prior to their little angel’s arrival that they weren’t to going to have loads of toys taking over their space, visit them when said little angel is 6 months old. I bet you a Jumperoo that it’ll look like Toys R Us has thrown up over their place! 

The reason however has nothing to do with the baby needing something to play with! It’s because the parents need the baby to need something ELSE to play with! The baby will play all day with a whisk if you let her (golf balls in a muffin tray is a favourite over here!). But man alive, WE get bored! I can not sit and play all day with a whisk! I may be at risk of cultivating attention span issues with my daughter because I can only go so long before I need her to play with a new toy. 

After a particularly mind numbing day of playing the same games over and over, it occurred to me that these flashy, musical toys (which by the way, have the most horrendous songs that you absolutely can not prevent going round and round your brain at 2am), may well help many parts of her development but are a bit “cookie cutter”.  I’d seen a lot of blogs about Treasure Baskets but wanted to give her an incentive to stand…

So I made this bad boy…


 All it took was a mooch around a home store (I used supermarket loyalty points and therefore this cost me virtually nothing), and a scout in the shed for likely looking items that could be cleaned up. 

 We popped it on the wall along with a rail for her to haul herself up on. She LOVES it! 

*please note – if you make one of these, play must be supervised. 

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