The Art Of Kintsugi

On a trawl through a salvage yard a few months ago I came across a rather lovely (yet algae ridden) piece of marble off cut, presumably from someone’s old kitchen. Despite my husband’s misgivings, I persuaded him it would be ideal for a project I was planning and so with the help of the proprietor it was loaded into our car. 

Unfortunately for Mr B, I was heavily pregnant, which meant that I was absolutely no use whatsoever once we got it home. The poor guy managed to get it out the car (with a few scuffs on his leather – so sorry darling), lowered it to the ground, and on the last foot….dropped it! Of course it smashed! Into 3 pieces. 

After 20 minutes of my laughing and his cursing, I remembered kintsugi. Kintsugi is a Japanese concept of taking broken and useless china, mending it and making it beautiful with gold and silver resin (great link here). I figured there way no reason the same wouldn’t work for our marble slab. 

Resin is exceptionally sticky (obviously) but it was never going to hold together the weight of the marble so I backed the pieces with a board painted black. However the resin I had was very runny and just seeped through the cracks before it set. So I binned that off and bought a childhood favourite; FIMO! I essentially grouted the cracks with it and then bought some gold paint and a teeny tiny brush and make it look like I’d used gold resin to glue it. 

I think it looks great and it’s now a completely unique piece. Mr B loves it and likes to pretend that dropping it was all part of the Grand Design! 

Watch this space to see what we did with it…

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    A dear friend of mine contacted me after her antique marble coffee table top broke. I immediately thought of kintsugi – great minds think alike! Your repair looks fabulous, btw. Please post pictures of how you ended up using it.

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