New Year Resolutions

Well, another year is almost over and I must say, 2015 has been a whirlwind! It started off in a new house, peaked I the middle with the arrival of our daughter, and ended with me feeling I’ve just about found my feet as a reasonably capably adult! 

But as ever, the turn of the year brings with it the demand to find things to improve about oneself. And although I’m reluctant to make resolutions because I always break them, I’m of a mind that now I’m a mother I ought to at least try and fail, than not bother at all. So, with that said: 

The Obvious One

Is there anyone on the 1st of January who doesn’t have even the vaguest intention of some sort of body improvement? Be it weight loss, healthy eating, increasing their fitness etc. I am absolutely not a dieter. Diets make me very angry and the moment I deny myself something, I immediately want it – such a child!  However, I have found some extremely tasty looking heathy recipes that I will be giving a go. And I plan to walk more with the little one. That’s it. Setting myself an actual workout plan is destined to fail.

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