Japanese Knightmare

There’s something unpleasant lurking in our garden! Something nasty, and invasive and generally extremely unwelcome. Japanese Knotweed! 

I’d never even heard of Japanese Knotweed before but everyone I’ve mentioned it to has given gasps of horror. Apparently this stuff is bad. Very bad. If it’s near your house it can work its way into your foundations and pull walls apart. Some mortgage companies won’t even lend on a property if it’s found in the surveys!

Unfortunately, once you know it’s there, you can’t just leave it so we’d made arrangements to have it treated (brace yourselves if you need treatment too – it doesn’t come cheap!). Mr Knotweed Man rocked up to start it off and it transpired that we weren’t able to do the landscaping plans we had with just the treatment plan. 

That fluffy bush? We wanted that out. The dilapidated sheds? Gone please. The big fir that’s standing by itself doing nada? No thanks. 
But all our plans screeched to a halt because anything we dig out that’s non knotweed, may have knotweed attached to its roots. You can inadvertently spread it all over the place (closer to the house for example – eek!) and it has to be professionally disposed off. So now nice Mr Knotweed Man had to dig the devil out of our garden! 

Whilst this is drastic action, it is necessary, and the silver lining is that this “treatment” (read: decimation) happens much faster, so we should be ready to crack on with making a gorgeous garden and turn our Japanese Knightmare might turn into a dream! 

Unfortunately, Bruce is not Mr Knotweed Man. It would be much cheaper if he was but sadly there’s a distinct lack of opposable thumbs! 

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