Velvet & Dash

What a wonderful shop Velvet And Dash is! I’ve never managed to get to the store itself as its a couple of hours away from me (just as well or I’d come home laden with beautiful things but exceptionally poor!). But the website does a very good job at tempting me! 

Firmly on my Christmas list are these tea cups. I would dearly like Santa to furnish me with a full set of varying colours. 

Or what about this festive Mr. Scrooge candlestick to get you in the Christmas Spirit! He casts a shadow of Dickins’ famous miser on the walls – creepy and Christmasy! 

My latest purchase is for two of these fabulous Uashmama Rose Gold bags. 

I’m a bit of a magpie and have to restrain myself from a lot of sparkly things for fear of it looking like a five year old has had a go at my decor. These satisfy my need for the shiny but keeps things elegant. Useful for all manner of items in the kitchen, the bathroom and throughout the rest of the house, they come in various colours and sizes. You can pick these up here. I will be using mine to house my corriander and basil pots.  

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