Time For Christmas Cake

The Nigella Christmas cookbook is one of my most treasured possessions. Despite the fact that I only open it once a year, despite the fact that it’s easily replaceable, I think it’s one of the items I would save in a fire (I’m assuming my husband will have the rescuing of the baby and cats covered!).

Today I made my Christmas Cake. Nigella has never let me down, the recipe is fool proof and it comes out beautifully everytime. That said, I went on a bit of a wing and prayer this year, topping up with Cointreau when I ran out of brandy, throwing it together in 15 minutes rather than the HOURS I take to mix it bit by bit, and (worst of all) I forgot call in my husband for his Wish Stir – 2016 is quite possibly ruined! On that, are Wish Stirs a thing? My mother always used to get my brother and I to stir the Christmas Cake batter and make a wish. The first year I got B to do it he looked at me like I’d lost my mind!

If you aren’t blessed with Nigella Christmas, you can get a lot of the recipes here. I highly recommend the Rocky Road – Christmas isn’t quite complete without it! 

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