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This year will be my daughter’s first Christmas. Her Dad and I decided that we probably wouldn’t really get her anything because a) we’re constantly spoiling her anyway -she only needs to throw a smile in the direction of a stuffed animal and we’re at the checkout! and b) her grandparents are going to go absolutely nuts! 

So of course I’ve bought a few bits. “Just enough to fill a stocking” I reasoned to my husband. A few books, a couple of items of clothing, a new Lamaze toy, some festive jimjams….  And suddenly before I knew it, I have too much to fit in a stocking! 

I remember from my own childhood, the excitement of hanging my very own (very gaudy) personalised stocking up ready for Santa’s arrival. It was so exciting to think he must have known exactly who I was to put presents in a stocking with my name on. So, with that in mind I have ordered a personalised sack for us to roll out every year. 

I went for this one from The Handmade Christmas Company. I liked that I could pick the font and text colour

There’s currently an offer on where you can pick one up for £10 by using the promo code FACEBOOK.

Let’s hope she’s well behaved every year so it gets filled up! 

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  1. 1

    I’m warning everyone I can to steer well clear of “THE HANDMADE CHRISTMAS COMPANY”. Over the last two months, I’ve had to chase them up several times a week to get them to fulfil my order bought through Wowcher. Not only did I get the lame excuses of them having had internet and email problems, the wrong address on my order (which was untrue), postal delays etc. but they never answer their phone and hardly ever answered by email. This company is THE WORST COMPANY I’VE EVER DEALT WITH!!! And that is saying something. BEWARE: DON’T BUY FROM THE HANDMADE CHRISTMAS COMPANY if you want a pleasant online shopping experience and less stress

    • 2

      What a shame Andy, I found them so good with my order. That said, I’ve come up against a lot of delayed ordered from various companies over the last few weeks. Perhaps online Christmas shopping is bigger than ever and they’re not coping? Particularly unfortunate in Handmade Christmas Company’s case if they are struggling – peak/only business time one would suppose!

      • 3


        They are, without one single shadow of a doubt, THE worst company I’ve ever dealt with. No communication for weeks then asking me to confirm my address, assuring me my order had been sent, still no delivery, then more reassurance, still no delivery, then downright lies and stalling tactics, prevarication, misdirection, excuses and then, to top it all off… a sarcastic email from their director, “Tom”.

        I hope his Christmas is a truly miserable one… as miserable as all the poor customers he disappoints and misleads on a daily basis!

      • 4


        Check out their Twitter feed and their Facebook page to see just how many disappointed customers they have. That many people can’t all be wrong!

        The Handmade Christmas Company should be avoided by ANYONE who likes to get what they pay for within a reasonable amount of time and without the need for endless hours of unreciprocated emails and unanswered phone calls.

        Their customer service is either appalling or totally non-existent. If they deem it worthy to respond to your queries, they either give you a load of old flannel to buy themselves more time or, as happened to me, you get a sarcastic email from “Tom”, the director, because you dare to complain about being treated shoddily.

        These people don’t deserve to be in business and I, for one, hope they are not for much longer!

  2. 5

    Ordered a sack from Handmade Christmas Company on 1st December and STILL waiting! My fiend ordered hers after me and has received hers. Ridiculous. Never shopping with this company again.

    • 6

      Oh dear, not sounding too promising from them then. Fingers crossed it arrives soon. It’s so frustrating saint for items, especially when you’ve ordered them in good time!

    • 7

      Dear Karen,

      I wish you the very best of luck in getting your order, as you ordered it!

      Unfortunately, you’ve chosen, as we all have, to order from this tinpot little company and their mealy-mouthed director, Tom.

      I doubt, very much, whether they’ll help to brighten your Christmas and deliver your order.

      They really ought to change their name to “Billy Smart’s”, because they seem to be populated and led by a load of clowns!

      [cue Circus Music!]

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