All I Want For Christmas….

Christmas decorations are up in the shops, the John Lewis advert has reduced us all to tears, and it’s time to start buying the gifts. 
Every year I’m asked what I would like, and every year I haven’t the faintest idea. Well this year, I’m ready for it. 

Dear Santa – if you would be so kind, I would be delighted to receive any of the following:
Miranda Berrow Tea Cups

In any colour aren’t these beauties just lovely? I can just picture curling up with a good book and a cup of tea. 

Fly Away Home by Marina Warner

Speaking of good books – I heard the author talking about this book on Radio 4 and was immediately intrigued. I’ve always been a massive fan of fairy tales, and whilst I’m looking forward to reading the fluffy, nice versions to my daughter, I have a huge fascination with the original, dark stories. In this book Marina Warner takes a series of myths, fairy tales and folklore and give then a modern twist with uptodate props and current themselves. Sounds marvellous!
LSA Aurelia Champage Flutes

I actually received a set of these from my in-laws a couple of Christmases ago. And I absolutely love them. Following the refurbishment of our kitchen, I’m planning lots of fabulous parties and no party is truly fabulous without champagne! 



Hush Silk Shirt

I love a silk shirt. Throwing one on with jeans, I feel instantly less Frazzeled Caregiver and far more Yummy Mummy . This one from Hush comes in ecru or black and is a wardrobe staple. It’s too pricey for a gift though so vouchers towards it would be lovely.


Vika Sky Salad Set

How much easier would it be to stick to that ‘salads only’ New Years Resolution with these little gems. I do a lot of Big Bowl cooking where it’s all thrown together and we just serve ourselves. These would be much nicer to use that my half melted kitchen spoon! 

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Cologne

I’ve been after buying myself this forever. But I always feel it’s an indulgence too far (it’s not my signature scent).  I adore the smell of all Jo Malone colognes but when they brought this one out I fell a little bit in love.
So that’s what I’m asking for when I perch on Sant’s lap this year. What about you? 

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